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Teeth Whitening Kits:

6 ~ 8 Shades of whiter teeth in less than 1 Hour

Combines LED polymerization, light activation & color-correction technologies

Teeth Whitening Session:

$99 (2-8 Shades Whiter)

Results lasts 3 months

Beauty Angel Red Light Therapy

*99 days for $99.00 (ask us about $19.95 rate)

*Clinically tested collagen and elastin stimulation. 

Hydro-Massage Bed

*3 Sessions for $30

* In as little as 15 minutes. Hydro-Massage provides a relaxing, rejuvenating massage.

Hydration Station

*Prepare, prolong, protect traditional or sunless tans.

Mystic UV Free Spray Tanning

 *UV- Free technology; naturally looking glow that lasts 5-7 days. 

Pre-Tan Prep

• Arrive with clean, exfoliated skin

• Avoid any lotions, make-up or deodorants

• We recommend using Color Maximizer Packet to increase the depth of your color and accelerate your development time. This packet levels your pH in your skin prior to spray tanning. Primes skin for darker color.

During Session

• Remove all clothing, jewelry and makeup

• Apply blending cream to hands and feet

• Insert nose filter, eye winkes, disposable sticky feet, and apply the color max packet all over your body.

• Your tan will continue to develop over the next 24 hours

• After your session has completed, then wipe your hands and feet off with the smaller towel. Use the larger towel and towel dry off like you are getting out of the shower. Start from your feet and work your way up. Think of it as you are rubbing it in not wiping it off.

Post-Tan Care

• Avoid showering or getting wet/sweaty for at least 6 hours after your tan

o When showering we recommend just rinsing off your skin on your first shower 24 hours from the time you’re sprayed.

• Be sure to keep your entire body moisturized after your tanning session

o We recommend Post-Tan Moisturizer to prolong and protect your color

• Use SunlessPRO Bronzer or Sunless Tan Extenders to enhance and extend the life of your spray tan. We can show you some tan enhancers that you can apply after each shower that will make your spray tan last longer.